Sunday, July 25, 2010

Semi-Permanent Vacation

Wow. I don't even know how to write this. I started this blog last November and it has been an incredible journey. I have had so much fun. Lately, though, its been really hard on me trying to juggle all of the things in my life. The blog takes a lot of time, and I put high demands on myself for the blog. I have decided to take some time off to focus on my family and my job. I can't keep my head straight trying to focus on all three. That being said, I am not shutting it down. I am going to leave the blog up for archive purposes so you can still access all of the old recipes. And I am still cooking. So, when I do come across a good recipe I am going to post it. I just will not have the email updates available or scheduled Match-ups and Menus.

I really hope that you guys understand. I feel so torn with this decision. A part of me really wants to make it work, but I just can't right now. I have to take some time for me and my family. I want this blog to be fun for me. Not a burden. So, I have to re-group. Shannon from The Bargain Buggy and Aubrey from Eastern Shore Mom have both told me that they would welcome a Guest Post any time. I'm not going anywhere. I'm just going to hibernate for a while :)

Thank you so much for all of the love and support you have showed The Fairhope Foodie thus far. It means so much to me to see how this idea has grown into something so wonderful. My heart aches taking this step back, but it is what is necessary for me at this time.

I also wanted to leave you with some of my favorite food blogs. I get a lot of inspiration from these sites, so please use them and subscribe to their updates if they offer it.

Annie's Eats

Let's Dish

Taste and Tell

Gina's Weight Watchers Recipes

Martha Stewart's Everyday Food

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Taste of Home

Pink Parsley

Foodbuzz (I love the Daily Top 9)

Girl Gone Gourmet

Thank you so much for everything.

Until the next recipe...


  1. Alaina, I'm so proud of you! In this season of life with littles one, we have to "trim the fat" in places, and really prioritize what matters. I wondered how you found time to do this, girl!! Such a wise choice to make good use of your time. Love you!

  2. I'm sad because I feel like I just found you. But I'm thankful that you'll leave your site up for us to refer to. Thanks for all of your inspiration and I wish you all the best with your job & family.

  3. You are absolutely doing the right thing. I am a former mom blogger and I found blogging took way too much time away from my family. I took a permanent break from it back in March and I have never been happier. I turned down a second TV opportunity and a paid spokesperson opportunity as well. I was at a major crossroad in life. I chose my family over selfish ambition.


  4. You'll be missed...I love looking at your ideas. As a mom myself I totally understand and after all they are only kids once!

  5. I totally understand - as a new mom I have so many days that I feel overwhelmed trying to get everything done and be everything to everyone!! I think that you are doing the right thing by making sure your family is your top priority. You will get so much more joy from your family than you ever could from doing the blog:-). I admire you for realizing that you needed to take a step back - I think there are more of us who need to do this sometimes!! Good Luck to you:-)

  6. I just wanted to also say that I totally understand! Food blogging takes a lot of time and energy - and family should always come first!!

  7. You've done a great job with this site. Keep up the good work!